The charming city of Nuremberg is over 950 years old yet remains young at heart, suitable for trade fair and convention guests and popular with tourists seeking culture and enjoyment. The city is also the perfect setting for any incentive trip, a conference, a teambuilding or a simple meeting. As your DMC Compass Tours offers the entire range of MICE services.

The centre of Nuremberg in Franconia is not only a wonderful place for the staging of trade fairs and congresses it also holds great fascination for those coming in search of culture and of new experiences. On the one hand Nuremberg has an international airport and a state-of-the-art trade fair centre and on the other the historic centre of the city is a little gem with everything one could ever wish for: fabulous museums, plenty of attractive shopping, cosy restaurants and bars and welcoming beer gardens. The Original Nuremberger Rostbratwurst, known far beyond the borders of Nuremberg, are nationally and internationally unique. The sausage is often offered in a fresh roll at different snack stalls in Nuremberg. The delicious Nuremberg gingerbread is also world-famous – a treat especially during the Christmas season.

The world-famous Christmas market and Albrecht Dürer are just two reasons for the city’s fame. The international toy fair, the Kaiserburg (Imperial Castel) and the Crafts’ Yard are an absolute must alongside the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, the Documentation Centre Party Rally Grounds and the new memorial to the Nuremberg trials. There’s always something to see or do in Nuremberg, which is situated on the Castle Road of Germany.


  • The Kaiserburg Nuremberg is one of the most important imperial palaces dating back to the Middle Ages. Emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa and his heirs built this enormous and most impressive of fortresses high on a rock above the city. Between 1050 and 1571 each successive German king or emperor of the Holy Roman Empire resided and held court here. The vistas from the viewing platform reach far across the rooftops of Nuremberg.
  • Albrecht-Dürer’s house showcases the setting in which Germany’s leading painter and graphic artist worked and lived. Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) resided in this magnificent half-timbered house from 1509 until 1528. The house comprises a reconstructed parlour, a kitchen and a large studio and workshop with a printing press that still works to this day. A 15-minute multi-media show depicts the life and works of Albrecht Dürer. On the top floor is a special exhibition through which visitors are guided by the voice of Agnes Dürer via a multi-lingual audio guide. If you are really lucky you may even be treated to a tour by the lady herself, played of course by an actress.
  • The obligations of our past – Documentation Centre Party Rally Grounds  The north wing of the congress hall that was designed yet never completed by the National Socialists to hold some 50,000 people, today houses the Documentation Centre Party Rally Grounds. 1,300 square metres of exhibition space is home to a permanent exhibition entitled “Fascination and Terror“ documenting the background, interconnections and repercussions of the National Socialist tyranny. This provides pupils, students and groups of young people and adults with plenty of opportunity to learn more and investigate further a wide range of related topics.